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New Mustanger here with a 1966 Mustang.

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Hi! I'm a new Mustanger just picked up my first one. Its a 1966. It doesn't have a transmission or motor. I have a 390 out of a 1967 Galaxie but the engine compartment looks a little tight for that motor. Any suggestions? I know that year it came with a 289 and I've been told a 302 would be awesome so if any body has one and wants to trade for the 390 I'm up for it.
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Welcome to AFM! Swapping in a 351w is done quite a bit... we have that in our 65. The possibilities are endless... you could go full restomod and put a late model 302 or 4.6 in there. There are plenty of kits for doing that and mating up modern tranny's as well. I wouldn't think it would be too hard to find an old 289 somewhere either. I guess it really depends on what your goals for the car are.

Keep us posted and thanks for joining!:bigthumbsup
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