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I recently traded my 2000 Ford Ranger for a five speed 2003 Volkswagen GTI 1.8T, but realized my mistake after the thing gave me nothing but trouble for the month I owned it. I took it back to the lot where I got it and told them I wanted back in a Ford. I atoned for my transgression and traded the VW for a zinc yellow 2002 Mustang GT five speed. I have had the Mustang for a little over a month and I love it!

As I got this car used, I am not completely sure what modifications have been made. I do know that it already has a BBK cold air intake and a dual Flowmaster cat-back exhaust. One of the mechanics at a local tuner shop where I am getting some appearance stuff for the interior said that there also appears to be an extra bracket in the engine compartment which he suspects once held an electric water pump, although there is not one there now. Those are the only obvious physical mods. I have no idea if the computer has been performance programmed or not, but I guess there is that chance given the other modifications. I plan to find out for sure whenever I take it in for service and the tech hooks it up for diagnostics, but I hope that won't need to happen for a good while.

When I am in the mood to drive fast, I like to be able to do so, which is why I wanted a V8 (I also test drove an automatic blue 2003 V6 convertible - pretty car but a bit slow for my driving style). However, I don't care anything about going to a drag track and I don't road race, although I admit that I occasionally enjoy embarrasing some smarta$$ in a 4 cylinder who thinks his coffee can exhaust makes him all that. Also, this is my daily driver, so reliability and the ability to get pretty decent gas mileage on regular unleaded are still factors. That being the case, I do not plan any more speed enhancing mods at this time. I do plan some eventual appearance mods to the interior and exterior. Nothing extreme - no body kits or anything like that. Maybe some custom graphics, stripes or the like on the exterior. Anything I do to the interior will be things that can be easily reverted to stock. Being born in the early 70's, I feel like a yellow Mustang V8 with a good exhaust note is already pretty close to automotive perfection and something of a 'dream car'. I just want to do a few things to make the car an individual. I look forward to hopefully being a Mustang owner from now on as well as being a member at allfordmustangs!
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Hey JB, welcome to the site on congrats on your '02 GT.
Thanks, guys.
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