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USDM 2016 Mustang GT Premium PP1
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Hello everyone,

I bought a mint 20k miles 2016 Deep Impact Blue Mustang GT Premium PP1 in manual (been driving over 20 years and manual only) few days ago, being delivered on Monday (still some more paperwork to undergo since I am in EU and bough a USDM car)

I started thinking about the Mustang GT about a month or two ago when I found one at a reasonable price and been researching all about it since then. Funnily it was never really my dream car although I always thought they really nailed the design with the S550 since it came out in 2015 (wasn't a big fan of the S197 looks) and it has definitely been my favourite modern muscle car out of the usual Mustang/Camaro/Corvette bunch. Always have been more of a JDM/Euro car guy. Was deciding between B7 RS4, B8/B8.5/B9 S5 coupe and now the S550 Mustang GT (also was thinking of MK3 Focus RS some time ago but when I learned I could have a Mustang GT for the same money I ditched the Focus RS idea). I feel I am not as much of a racer as I was in my younger days and felt the Mustang would make me more happy then the Focus RS while still providing enough thrills when I ocassionally want to. And that it woule be more comfortable and enjoyable/charismatic car to daily.

To my surprise the more I learned about the S550 the more I felt it's the right car for me at this time and felt more and more in love with it. Seen many import guys like me on Youtube buying it and never looking back and loving every second of it even when fully stock so I thought I should own a V8 sportscar/grand tourer while I still can. Might be the last chance to do it after all with all this electrification going on.

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Already have quite a list of planned changes, but guess I'll make a separate thread for that.
This is merely a hello to everyone here (I already discussed something regarding tires and felt this forum was quite friendly and quickly got some good replies)

Matt (Matej in my language hence the m4t3y)

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Great looking car Matt

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Congrats, nice car!
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