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New Stang From IL

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Nice to meet all of you I am from IL I just bought my 2003 mustang cobra 10th anniversary convertable. Look forword to talking with all of you.:wavey

Also a member of chicagosvt my name is joes03cobra10thann:cool:
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Let me correct you life is great! This car is insane. This is my 4th mustang and by far the fastest. I was only able to drive it 3times so far and I bought it about 2months ago but every time I got out of the car I had a stomach ack. And my previous car was a 2002 mustang gt that ran a 13.2 1/4, thats not that slow of a car either.
Hi, Welcome to AFM... congrats on the new car
03 Cobra , wish I had one :thumbsup

Welcome to the site !!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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