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New 'stang owner from AZ

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Hey everyone. Just bought my first Mustang and my first Ford ever!

I have a 2006 Mustang V-6. w/AT. Satin Silver. Fully upgraded. Pony Package. Charcoal leather. Going to get the black racing stripes added at the dealer once they have the order in.

I'm going to basically enjoy my new Mustang just as it is. I didn't get it to drag race anyone, but just to cruise around in a nice sports car that still has quite a bit of horses there when I need them. The V-6s power is suitable for me and the higher price and insurance of the GT wasn't worth it to me. Except for the addition of the stripes, customization and modifications will be about zero. Maybe, maybe add a performance intake and muffler system, but that won't be for some time if I do.

I could yak on and on about how much I like the perfomance of the car, the interior, features such as the 6-disc Shaker 500 system, the ability to change the dash light colors, power seats, info center of dash, first time having leather interior, that awesome throaty growl the car makes when I hit the gas pedal, not to mention the overall body style of the car that brings me back when I was an kid riding in my sisters Mach I and my parents Ghia. This Mustang, however, is my own and it's about time! :cool:

I'm yakking on and on, aren't I? :winks

Going to check out the forums some more. Glad to be on! :wavey
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Welcome, and enjoy your new car!

I ordered a 2005 Legend Lime GT and got laided-off at the job. So I reordered the same in a 2006 version. When it came in the dealer wanted $600 a month for 3-years to lease it. He wanted to charge me $33,600 which was $2300 over MRSP. I told him to keep the the car. A few monthes later Ford came out with the Pony Package. God it looked just like my 1965 GT Coupe. Mind you Iam a old man and I have to think about stupid stuff like paying off the mortgage before I retire. My V6 Pony cost $22,555 its windveil blue my wifes color. I didn't get the color but I got my Fourth Stang. I'm Happy!!!:laughlitt
Welcome to AFM and congrats on your new pony.
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