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New to AFM--Have a 1969 Boss Mustang to restore

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Hey all...

I just signed up tonight to your forum. I'll probably be lurking for a while, but checking up on other restoration threads as they appear. I have a Boss 302, a very early 1969 model. It's in the Boss Registry. I got it new, and drove it a long way before retiring it in 1987. I've recently discovered how much it could be worth, so will consider restoring it in a year or so. It's been parked since least it is indoors.

Thanks for your help, in advance...

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Welcome, can't wait to see some pics!!!
welcome to the site,enjoy!!!!
:hello: and :welcome: Enjoy the site!! :happydancer:
Do post some pictures into your gallery soon!!

Sounds like a great project!
hi, welcome to the site
Hiya, welcome to the site. Do restore that Boss.
:hello:AND:welcomeflowers:TO THE SITE.
Probably the best Mustang site on the web.
Get advice in a Tech' Section or just chew the fat in the Lounge. ENJOY!
Thanks, everyone.

Like I say, I'll probably lurk for a while, checking on restoration threads. I'm into Taurus SHOs more than Mustangs right now, but the Boss is working its way up the list. I will get to it.

I have a website that I document my car projects on. It's kind of out of date, other than the newest SHO I'm just finishing. The Boss is there, with its page, and (most of) the other Mustangs have their page as well. Little by little I'm updating it....sometimes pages are hard to save. The home page is way out of date, other than the picture. There's LOTS of text for the Boss and Lowrider.

The address is Krazy George's NEW Model Garage The page index is at the bottom.

There is a shortage of Boss pictures, and the original white SHO is kind of lacking, too. Hopefully that will change soon.

Later, all, and thanks again.

Welcome George!


That 69 Boss 302 is one sweet Mustang to own. Congrats!
Great to have you here with all of us.
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