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New to AFM

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Hello everyone. My name is Tom and I usually go by TJs98GT on most forums for the past 12+ years but I am new to AFM. RPM Outlet just signed up and our vendor account is currently pending with the folks at Verticalscope but I figured I would do my intro thread now before I start posting.

Here are some of my past rides:

2003 Cobra

2002 GT

98 Vortech T Trim powered 5.0 2V GT @ 22psi

as seen in MM&FF

Also had an 88 5.0 Notch that I don't have photos of anywhere right now but mostly stock looking anyway.

Other non Mustang related vehicles:

2010 Evo X w/ Bolt ons:

2005 Evo 8 w/ 2.4L Stroker, FP Black @34 psi and E85

57 Pontiac:

You can also add to the list:
2002 SVT Focus
1971 Buick Skylark 350
1988 and 1989 Pontiac Firebird Formula 350
2008 G35S
Mini Coopers and more...

and my current Dad ride Infiniti M45.

I work every weekday if you need help but nights and weekends are spent at home with my wife and 6 month old son! Feel free to call or PM me with any questions, concerns, needs or just to BS.
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Tom, welcome to AFM.
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