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This is my first time posting on any forums. In the past I have always watched from the window outside but I thought it was time to join in on all the fun. I am a regional sales rep in the NYC area and I drive a lot. My 2011 GT is my DD but I try to keep the mileage down by using a third car as much as I can stand it (It's difficult getting into a 2001 Accord when I have the sweet Coyote in the driveway). Currently I have 26k with mostly highway miles. I enjoy an aggressive street set-up and have no plans to track the car (minus a 1/4 mile run once or twice a year). I have owned 4 fox body's ranging from 89-91 in the past and always loved their unique driving personality. This is my first 5th generation and I have loved every second of ownership thus far. I have begun the mods but will address those in the proper forum.
Looking forward to learning a lot from all my fellow enthusiasts.

Hello, and Welcome to our Great Site here at AFM:bigthumbsup
Make sure that you check out our Year/Platform specific Forum pages so you can Post or just Read about The Stangs that our Members have that are of your Mustangs Same Year/Era
You can Navigate to the whole Site by clicking on the "Tech" Icon at the upper right hand side of this Forum page. Have Fun.
And Thank You for Joining All Ford Mustangs

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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