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New to here.

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Just got this.
2008 Bullitt
High miles , good shape though.
Has cheap ,non adjustable dampening coil overs that aren’t that old ,those are coming off. Indiana roads and coil overs , way too bouncy. I’ve been told it can be done so it’s smooth, but I question that.
Have a good day everybody!

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Welcome to the forum. It looks like it's in great shape even with higher mileage.
I would definitely get rid of the coil overs. There's no benefit for a street car and I've read they're also not particularly beneficial for typical track use either. Ford Performance has a complete spring/strut/shock/sway bar kit available 2005-2014 MUSTANG GT COUPE ASSEMBLED HANDLING PACK| Part Details for M-FR3A-MGTA | Ford Performance Parts or they have the struts/shocks 2005-2014 MUSTANG COUPE DYNAMIC STRUT/SHOCK KIT| Part Details for M-18000-A | Ford Performance Parts and then the springs 2005-2014 MUSTANG GT TRACK LOWERING SPRINGS| Part Details for M-5300-PA | Ford Performance Parts and other parts separately.
The whole kit is cheap here: Ford Performance Mustang Handling Pack | (05-14) GT Coupe M-FR3A-MGTA (
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Welcome to the site!
Welcome to the forums from Texas.
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