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What performance modification should I do next?

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New to site.. hello, I'm bgarbled916 - a serious Stang Lover!

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Thats me, to the Mustang world.. !!

Hi, all- I'm stoked theres some cool sites like these out there for us Mustang lovers looking for advice, meet new friends, and get great ideas and see pics of AMAZINGLY ENDLESS killer creations.

I just bought this modded 2006 GT Premium about a month ago - I have owned 5 Fords in my 40 years - this one by far is my favorite.

Mods include Racing Clutch, lightweight Flywheel, Ford Racing Performance Tune, K&N Filter (w/factory cold air intake), Steeda Underdrive pulley, Hurst Short Shifter, Dual Flowmaster Exhaust, Front Strut Tower Brace, & Yellow Optima Battery. 390+ HP, 330 FPT

Appearance: 18" Wheels, Window Tint, Tinted Front & Rear turn signals, LED interior/exterior lights, LED Sequential Tailights, Blue Etched Ford Racing Aluminum Valve Covers, SS 10mm Bolts (engine bay), & Shorty Antenna.

Feel free to add me - looking forward to making friends on here.. so far, the last 6 weeks after this mustang entered my life, it has changed me forever. I have owned/leased 5 Fords: 1998 Ford Mustang GT, 1998 Ford Ranger (Reg cab), a 2000 Ford Ranger Off Road 4X4, Custom 2003 Ford Supercrew (4.6 V8), and this 2006 GT - I love(d) them all, but this one is BAD ASS!

It has a Ford Engine tune, so I cant do anything to the engine anymore - but what performance mod should I do next? (Not pictured: Front Strut Tower Brace). THANK YOU FOR ANY SUGGESTIONS..!



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Thanks for joining AFM, glad to hear about everything you have done to your mustang and your enjoyment.:wavey
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