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new to the cobra scene

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hey guys I just joined the thread and im wanting information on the 03-04 terminator. I just sold a 240sx and now im wanting to go American and found the terminator fell in love with the body and supercharged motor now I just want to know what I have to do to make it a monster specs and what parts go best with the car its my project so the more info the better I have never worked on a cobra before but I helped my buddy work on his gt
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Your probably going to want to start off with something less Terminator-ish honestly. I went from a pushrod 5.0 to a N/A 4V Cobra and it blew my mind. But anyways back to the thread... Sean Hyland builds some nice DOHC motors, I would look him up. I've heard of 90mm Turbo cars making 900+ hp on fully forged strokers, but dont quote me.
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