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new to the site

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hey everybody, im new here and also a new mustang driver..
im 16 years old and my mom recently bought me a used black '00 GT after my 91 probe started breaking down (it was leaking gas:thumbdown)
I've wanted an SN-95 mustang as long as i can remember, and i finally have one :)
i've got big plans for this car in the distant future (mach 1 shaker kit and an eventual vortech blower)
but for now, im adding bolt-ons as money allows.. im looking into getting flowmasters this summer
i know i'm one lucky ******* to be driving this baby at 16 (no better feeling than smoking the ricers in the school parking lot:winks)
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Welcome to the site !

Be safe in that stang !
Hey Mike!Welcome to the site! You've got a nice Mom and a great car.
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