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New to this, 2004 ,1965 & 1967 Mustang's

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just found out about this site and since im a mustang nut thought i would join. currently my stable includes a 2004 mustang gt convertible bought from original owner about 6 months ago,a 1965 fastback 289 4v car thats being reassembled, a 1967 v8 convertible,a 1968 j code convertible,a 1965 c code convertible,a 66 coupe hot rod, and a 1963 thunderbird convertible awaiting restoration. while being employed repairing office equipment for 30 years also had a mustang parts gig for 17 years in vicksburg miss before retiring to florida 12 years ago. hope to contribute to this forum as well as the vibntage-mustang one. thanks wes
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Welcome to the Forums!
you came to the right place. welcome
The more experience the better -:bigthumbsup

welcome aboard!!
Wes you certainly have quite a few cars. Welcome to the site.
Hey.... Hi... Howdy...Welcome to the site!! :gringreen
Thats a heck of a lineup good luck and welcome to the forums
thanks for the great welcome! i will most likely spend my time on the early forum but on rainy days and sundays i could showup anywhere. wes
Welcome aboard!
:wavey Enjoy the site!! :myhappydance: :happydancer:​
:waveyWelcome to the site:wavey
Hiya, welcome to the site.
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