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New to this forum Saying hi from Calif to ALL, 2004 Mustang

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Like everyone on here im looking to make my car just a little faster. Ive got a 2004 mustang with K&N air filter (looking to upgrade in the near future) and a flowmaster. Pretty basic I know, but i was wondering which i should get next, headers or throttle body?... I dont know much about this stuff so any help would be great. My main goal is to get the HP up around 250 for now.
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welcome to the site,enjoy!!!!
:hello: and :welcome , Enjoy the site!! :happydancer:
Be sure to post some pictures into your gallery soon!!
Thanks for joining us here. Welcome to the site.
Welcome Alicia!


You'll find lots of good info on power upgrades in our 4.6 tech forum.
Hello, and welcome to AFM... Glad you joined us!!
Hiya, welcome to the site. Pretty much any question you may have can be answered here.
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