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New Update on Project 66 Mustang / SVO 2.3 Turbo 4-Link Suspension kit

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Well the Heidt's Bolt-in 4-link suspension kit, Subframe Connectors and frame stiffener came today. It only took me around 3 hours to pre-fit it all the brackets. And that was with haveing to trim the brackets to fit the 66 Mustang that they do not tell you you might have to do. That is only on the 64 1/2 - 66 Mustangs though! The guys a StangAholics said to I quote, Brian, You will need to hammer in the plate a little bit on the car in that leaf spring pocket. We have had to do that on cars in the past. Put a pilot punch in the hole where the bolt goes to line it up.
Well I was not going to beat the hell out of the car to gain a little over 1/8th of an inch. So I just cut the bracket as you can see and I will weld the piece back in 1/8th of an inch farther in so it clears. Beat it in you have to
be KIDDING ME!!! And the instuctions are a joke
I have seen better instuction on putting a kids tricycle together. LOL
Well there are 26 new picture of the pre-fit of the Heidt's 4-link suspension, Subframe connectors, and frame stiffener at


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Well I do not have an unlimited budget. I am over budget as it is. And this is going to be my daughters first car!
If this was a fastback maybe but probably not. This only took 3 hours to put in.
Your daughters one LUCKY girl, daddies doing a GREAT job.
I helped a friend put the same kit in a 69 it fit fine but your right the instructions are only good for toilet paper.Its not too bad for a 4 bar but i like a triangulated 4 bar and 3 link over a parallel 4 bar.
lol that'd suck if she said "i don't want it" once its complete....
An old family friend died and left his 1999 Honda Civic to her. And she said she wants nothing to do with it.:bigthumbsup So I guess I raised her right.:D
Use the Honda for the bad weather.:gringreen
Sell the civic have more money for the mustang.
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