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new world

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Just introducing myself, I'm new to the pony/muscle car world. I'm even new to the domestic & Ford world too...I come from a GM family!

The new GT was too hard to ignore though and so far I love it!

Pics of my old car and new 2012 GT are below.

I'm trying to decide between Roush (extreme lowering) & Steeda (sport) springs (both lower 1 inch-I have to drive through Wisconsin winters!). At first I thought only the Roush were progressive, but now I think the Steedas might be as well...any thoughts? Also, I've heard Eibach make Steeda springs, who makes Roush?

I won't track the car, just looking for improved handling & better appearance. I'll have to get a panhard bar, maybe LCAs too, but that'd probably be the extent of my handling mods.

Thanks for any thoughts & comments!


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You made a good move from former to present. You will love that 'stang :bigthumbsup
welcome. i myself am waiting to make the jump into a new mustang. Congrats on joining he pony car club :bigthumbsup
Congrats and welcome. :bigthumbsup
Thanks for the welcomes!

I'm still getting comfortable driving a different car. Love the 5.0 sound. I'm thinking of the FRPP exhaust-the Borla made one I think? I like the price of the GT500 axle-back, but I'm worried I'd want more.

Any opinions on the Steeda or Roush 1-inch lowering springs? I want progressive, mild-drop springs...I'd consider the FRPP K (or is it P?) but I keep reading about creaking/popping/unwanted noises after install.
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