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Newbe with '05 V6 introduction

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I decided to do my intro in the V6 section since this is where I will be hanging around. :wavey
I just purchased a black '05 V6 Mustang. It will be my daughters first car. She has taken after her old man a bit. She is a motor head. At fifteen and a half she has just completed her first Hot Rod Power Tour, not as a passanger but as the entrant and driver. I was her navigator. She has always liked the Mustang so it was a natural choice for her first car.
I have been a life long street rodder and have built many cars. (I wear a "Old Guys Rule" t-shirt, and the little hair I have left is grey) I rebuilt a '68 V8 Mustang before but that is the closest I have come to the late body style Mustang. My current ride is a '62 Chevy (gasp) shortbed stepside PU with a Cummins diesel for power.

Plans for the '05 Mustang are;
1) Repair the hole under the drivers door handle where someone attempted to break into the car. I have been doing searches for the inner door panel and handle removal. (I think I have this one covered)
2) Fill all the rock chips in the hood and repaint it black.
3) Remove the white stripes from the side of the car.
4) Paint on orange Shelby style stripes hood, roof, deck, spoiler, and bumpers. The side stripes will be reapplied in orange. I'm planning on white pinstriping around all of them.
5) The car will need bigger wheels and tires to go with the striping. I am looking for fitment sizes for 17's or 18's. (Still looking for this information.) 20's would be better looking but this will be a driver not a show car. The thin sidewalls on the 20's make the ride to stiff for me.
6) I am not looking for any power gains unless it will pay for itself in fuel economy. (I am all ears if someone has an idea here.)
7) I hand the keys over to my daughter the end of October, but Momma and I get to play until then.:grinroll:

Howdy' all!
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welcome =] i will, like many here suggest you get the JLt cai/sct tuner combo from American muscle. it boosts performance and IF u drive nicely..... better gas mileage.

beware of the alternator in that year tho. 05-06 had alternator issues. i just had to replace mine at 50k miles -_-
well welcome and a Mustang is a great first car i had a 1970 mustang 351W for mine but now i drive a 06 V6 it sounds like u know what u want the rims 18's would look nice u came to the right place to ask for ideas and help
welcome =]
beware of the alternator in that year tho. 05-06 had alternator issues. i just had to replace mine at 50k miles -_-
This car has 76k miles. I don't know if the alternator has been serviced. Is there a fix for the alternator problem? I have a buddy that runs a hot rod wiring shop. He also does alternator rebuilds so if there is a cure for the alternator issue he could take care of me.
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Like said before, I would suggest the JLT Cold Air Intake with the SCT Tuner. Helps in fuel economy and adds some nice horsepower to the car.

JLT 2005-2009 Mustang V6 Cold Air Intake & SCT SF3 Custom Tuner Combo Kit at - Free Shipping!

After for wheels, I would go with some 18 inch rims. Its pretty much going to be your choice for that. I went with the 18x9 black 2010 GT500 Wheels for my Black mustang. Here they are as a reference.

Black 2010 GT500 Wheel 94-10 (18x9) at - Free Shipping!

Now as for the orange shelby style stripe, i think that would be pretty cool. You dont really see that combination. I have only seen it one time and I thought it looked pretty unique. As I type my car is getting matte black stripes painted on to contrast with the glossy black paint.

Hope I contributed in helping and good luck with the car!:bigthumbsup
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AM has great cai/tuner combos. the 87 or 93 street tune may be good for your daughter and the 93 race tune for when you and momma want to play with. painted stripes will of course last longer followed by several coats of clear. if you go vinyl, stay away from metallics, as they tend to get burn spots if left in the sun for extended periods of time. wheels? go Boyd Coddington junk yard dawgs, very cool, but, expensive especially since he passed a few years back. interior? go katzkin. for about $800 you can get some cool black widow design 2 color front and back leathers.:bigthumbsup
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I agree with the JLT Tuner combo. With a JLT CAI, American Muscle Bama Race Tune, and a Pypes single axleback exhaust, I managed to get 29.2 MPG on the highway.

Won't get those numbers now that I have 3.73s though.
welcome to the forums :wavey hey i`m all for the old guys rule :bigthumbsup i`m at 75k on my 05 and ive not had any problems with anything other than standard wear parts, ( but i`m a maint. freak too) except for the crank pulley coming apart. i`m sure my many test and tune runs had nothing to do with that :nogrinner ok, maybe they did.....hope you enjoy the forums and your cool car for the next couple months ( i would keep it and make her get her own :gringreen)
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