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Newbie from KY 2001 V6 Convertible

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I'm new to this forum and to the Mustang world. My first Mustang is a 2002 V6, automatic convertible. White with black interior. 79K miles. I seem to have a slight miss at running speed. I have replaced the plugs with NGK platinum, new Autolite plug wires, cleaned MAF sensor with MAF sensor cleaner. Since I have never had a V6 before I'm not sure of what the power level should be. It seems lacking to me. Any ideas on where to look next to eliminate the miss would be helpful. I also have installed a cold air intake hoping to give a little more punch. Can't really tell any difference.
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Fuel filter is next on the list. Just haven't been out to get one. It is just a subtle miss with no hesitation. Just got the car and don't know too much about the history past a couple of years. Thanks for the shout.
Hadn't thought too much about anything except enjoying the ride. It could use some punch. That is something I will consider at some point. The car is super clean except for some separating of two seams in the top. I will probably replace it before I invest money in anything else. I hope to get some pics uploaded soon. Thanks for the welcome to the stable!:smilie
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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