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Newbie with a '05 Mustang GT

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Hello All,

I've just purchased a 2005 Mustang GT Premium Coupe. I'm not real experienced with cars in terms of mechanical knowledge. What I'm wanting to understand is what does it mean to say a car is supercharged or turbocharged? How would I go about getting this done for my GT? I most likely wouldn't do this myself. Are there places that do this work? I live near Chicago, IL.
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Look towards the bottom right hand corner and read "Superchargers A-Z".

You can also see prices there.
Welcome to Forums..... Congrats on the 05 GT

Both supercharger and turbo chargers force massive amounts of air into engine putting out more horsepower and torque (easiest way to explain)

now Superchargers, they run belt driven such as a alternator or ac compressor etc etc and force air into engine

Turbo chargers are different they go on the exhaust manifolds which uses exhaust gases to spin a impeller, and forced air is put into engine.

The turbo charger at least older ones tend to have Turbo lag due to it takes a few secs for turbo impeller to spool up to max boost, the supercharger since it is belt driven spins at rate of engine having a more quick response in creating power...

I really do now what each is.. may not sound like it.. its hard to explain.

go to and type supercharger or turbo charger

and it will explain better than i can.

You have to research what you want and how much you are willing to spend... personally id go with a Supercharger...(kenneBell supercharger) which i think are the better of ones available.

Hope this helps

p.s. be prepared to spend 3-5 grand depending on what you get
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procharger makes superchargers for 05 gt's. i think you should go with a supercharger. i like procharger. but if you get one you should make sure you get the right fuel injectors, the right size mass air sensor, and a good tune. you should also make sure you get an intercooler. when the supercharger compresses the intake air it gets hot. the intercooler cools down the air which produces more power. you said you live near chicago? in crest hill/ joliet there is a place called DID(devil in disguise). they can do the installment for you and they also have a mustang dyno.
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