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Newcomer Looking for Suggestions and Insight

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Hey, I'm new to the forums. Up front I want to say that I'm a new driver and plan to delay the upgrades until I become more experienced.

I'm 16 and recently got a '03 v6 Mustang. I'm loving it, but I want to learn more about my car and look into some future upgrades. I've been looking around some forums, and I've come up with some ideas.

Right now I'm looking at purchasing either a CAI or a dual exhaust. From my understanding, a CAI would run me about $80 while a dual would run me $300-400. Honestly, being a teenager, I'm looking some something that would make me feel/look/sound cooler in my Mustang. From what little knowledge I have, the duals would benefit me most.

With this introduction, I have a few questions

Are there any other economical upgrades I can make to give me a bit more push, sound, or style?

What else accompanies the aforementioned upgrades? (installation, other costs, tuning, maybe even insurance or emission repercussions)

What other upgrades should I educate myself about?

Please go easy on me, I'm pretty ignorant. Any elementary explanations are welcomed, even appreciated, so long as you extrapolate. I'm sure I'll have more questions in the future.

Also, should I look into joining an autocross club, or signing up for advanced driving classes? Off topic, but input is appreciated.
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Alright, so I've decided on a few things.

I decided on the Xenon scoop hood off american muscle for now, just for style. Not sure how I'm going to paint the hood, suggestions would be wonderful, anywhere I could see pictures would be great. (2003 mustang, mineral grey).

I'm going for a CAI in the future. Gonna make myself wait so I don't get addicted to upgrades :nono:

I appreciate the explanation for changing oil, but I'm an idiot. If you could link me a visual, I'd appreciate it. I'm going to do some searching as well, so it's probably okay if you skip that one.

Now, I'd like to know, about how much will it run me to have my new hood painted/installed on average? Also, would a CAI be something an insurance company would be concerned about? Lastly, if I were to take my car to a shop to be tuned, would it be expensive? or should I just wait until I can afford a personal tuner and do that?

Thank you guys so much, and I'll be hanging around. :bigthumbsup
waiting to buy a mod is not gonna help you avoid the addiction lol...

insurance companies have no interest in CAIs

a dyno tune by a shop is better than buying a personal tuner with a preloaded tune.. however id recommend buying a personal tuner with a tune on it.. that way if in the future you do some more serious modding and you need it tuned on a dyno then they can make a much more personal custom tune and use your tuner to do it all...
either way youd end up with a tuner.. just you dont have much done to warrant having a shop do it yet
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