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Next mod??

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I just recently did my first mod on my 05 GT...SLP loudmouths! And i absolutely luv them!:laughlitt Im thinking of doing just one more mod, and thats it for a while...what do u guys think would be a great mod wit a good horsepower gain....and not so much out of ur wallet??:eyebulge: thanx!
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As you know HP cost money $$$$ and nothing is cheap. You can spend less then $300.00 and get a underdrive pulley set up, for around $350.00 you can install a CAI kit. and for around $400.00 you can get a SCT XCal 2 tuner with 2 tunes and get a lot more performance out of your car.

I myself I would do (have done) the SCT tuner along with a CAI and you should see a 20 hp gain with this. Add the Underdrive pulleys with your April tax return.

Also the Loudmouth pipes are great. I was in a car show on Sunday and was asked to shut down the engine because of the noise they make. :sterb:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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