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NHTSA information source thread

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Now that the NHTSA has opened a case for the MT82, and needs "evidence of the problem", and since there are dozens of pics and vids of the MT82 "problem", IMO it would be a good thing for owners who have filed a report and have a contact at the NHTSA to email them the videos and pics from the various forums and threads providing the "evidence" they need to push Ford to a solution.

One way to accomplish that would be to upload the videos of grinding, popping out of gear, and failing to go into gear, along with pics of the destroyed gears, synchros, chips in the oil (along with links to each) on this thread for access for all "contactees" to send to their NHTSA contact...

Information, pics, and links regarding the history of similar problems with the MT82 on other vehicles might be helpful as well... ESPECIALLY those vehicles that have had safety related problems similar to the 'Stang.

If it seems to work, media contacts could also be directed to the thread for background vids and pics.

Yes? No? Comments?
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Jalopnik seems to think they got the ball rolling...

Feds launch Mustang transmission probe after Jalopnik, forum stories
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