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Sup forum I am currently installing a zex wet kit in my 3.7.
Last friday I broke into the 12s N/A for the first time! went 12.93. This weekend I hope to make some passes on the bottle. I have been installing this kit for a few weeks when I have time Im just finishing up the wiring. I had some questions on the window switch. I just want to make sure the wiring is okay on it if anyone is familiar with these? The entire system for better understanding
ZEX wet kit (100 shot)
Zex purge kit
Zex bottle heater
Ngk 1 step colder plugs
Summit Digital rpm window switch
The only little concern I had was the window switch I have the power and ground and the gray (tach) wire done, I just wanted to see if i had the right idea with the blue wire when it says connect to ground of device and do I really just splice into the ground of the ZEX box? Sounded a little weird at first but thats why Im here. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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