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NKOTB: Lindsay

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Hi, everyone. Just bought an 03 GT Mustang Coupe. Midnight Blue. Great condition.

I got a 93 5.0 LX red convertible Mustang as a sweet 16. It had a few miles on it, but it was mint. (Grew up in SoCal). After a couple cars in between, I'm back in the Mustang family. It feels great.

I just kinda started out my career and I hope that maybe in a few years I might be able to buy a brand new (09?) Mustang --- whatever that will look like! As for now, I'm lovin bumpin around in my GT.

Good to be back.

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Sweet 16 present, i hope you thanked your parents properly for your ride. enjoy it and how about some pics. when i turned 16 mustangs weren't even on the drawing board.
Hey Lindsay, welcome to the club. Congrats on your new pony.
Welcome to AFM. That must have been a good birthday.

Hey, I'll get pics up asap. I just washed it n waxed today. Very fun!

And, yes, it was a great sweet 16. Although all the guys I knew said it was "way too much muscle for a girl." Whatever. I still think that car, style-wise, is as cool as any car on the road. Maybe i'm partial, but man that car was sweet.

(But, it wasn't very sweet when the tranny died on me. That was bad!)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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