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No Spark - Anybody have any ideas or suggestions?

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My car has no spark. I replaced the Distributor, ignition module, and Coil. Still no spark.. it just keeps cranking. Anybody have any idea what it could be? Or any suggestions on what I should do next. I want to get my car back on the road. thanks.
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Check your stator. Easy way to check it is to take one of the red wires off of a fuel injector and attach a noid light. If it blinks your stator is good. If it is good then i would say take a look at your wiring under your coil. My ground wire only had one strand of 12 guage wire attached so it would start only when it wanted...
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Thanks for the reply. I will check it out. The Distributor I put on came off a running 5.0. I just pulled it out and put it right on my motor with the tfi module still attached. I would think the stator should be good since its in the distributor I took off.

But at this point I might just buy a new stator and new tfi and see if it works. I just want to get my car back on the road.
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I was also having the same issue and everything checked out perfect... I was 180 out on my distributor. Pull it and restab it!
Do you have 5v to the TPS?
I didn't check the volts on the tps. Does the tps have anything to do with the ignition systems and why I don't have spark?

I talked to a couple people at work last night that tinker with cars and they said I probably don't have a good ground wire. So this weekend I am going to add a 4 guage ground from the header to the frame.
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