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No spark or fuel pump prime help!!

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Just like title says I have an 88 mustang gt fuel injected the car shut off on me when I pulled into my drive way then tried to start it and nothing no spark or fuel pump prime it is my dd and can't figure anything out on it checked my relays an they are all getting power don't know what else to try some one told me that because my car ha tilt steering that it coul have pinched something I don't know what else to check car turns over but starter is hard wired to a button thank you for the help
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Welcome to AFM!!

Starter is hard wired to a button? You mean you turn the key to the "on" position then press the button to start it...or is that an ignition kill switch kind of thing? I'm confused..... huh.gif

Well, this is usually a fuel or spark issue, but since you mention that you don't get either fuel pump prime or spark, I'm thinking it's possibly in the ignition somewhere (key lock or ignition module or something like that)...but you say the engine does crank but not start?

No spark would be something like the TFI module on the distributor or the PIP sensor inside the distributor, coil, voltage regulator, ignition module....

No fuel would be fuel pump, fuel pump relay, fuel pump regulator or clogged fuel filter, pinched line....

Just throwing things out there.
Yes I turn the key on and hit the button it will turn over do you think I might have pinched my ignition module under the stearing colum it's tilt steering
And I thought about it being TFI
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