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Noise in 3rd and 4th Gear

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I have finally started narrowing it down... It happens in 3rd and 4th but only sometimes right at 3500-4000 rpms I start to get a popping/impact noise which will stay if i keep it in that rpm range but with quickly go away if i push it past that point. It doesn't happen all the time at all but when it does those are the parameters it acts in. Also if i push in the clutch it goes away. Anyone seeing this or know what it could be?
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Why are you asking this question in a third thread?
Because for the life of me I cannot find where to rename or delete the others, I like the title to be as accurate as possible. Shifter rattle is a good theory but its only a noise I'm hearing. Wouldn't I feel the vibe in the shifter itself?
The problem is that someday a person with the same problem will find the first thread, and have no conclusion.

Please keep everything in one post so that others who browse the forum can follow the entire journey from problem -> suggestions -> solution in one place. :)
I hear two different noises. The video "Mustang noise 1" is exactly what mine has been doing for 20,000 miles. I have no idea what the rattling in the other two videos is from.
Me either and it does not do it all the time so if I decide to take it into a shop becuase I can't figure it out and it doesn't do it then they will have nothing to go by
If you can narrow it down to something like the carrier bearing in the driveshaft (which it might be) then it should be covered by the 5/60K driveline warranty. If it only happens at certain speeds/RPMs and then diminishes (sort of a crescendo then descent) it has to do with a rotating mass versus something wobbling like an exhaust pipe against the body. If it's repeatable at-will, the dealer could take it for a run and give an opinion on whether it's covered under drivetrain warranty. See if Deysha the Ford rep on this site could help out too.
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I found the cause, where the exhaust starts to head towards the x it was wedged against the aft transmission bracket. Finally caught it after I was able to get it on a lift. Did some readjusting and I'm gtg. Really explains why it was so intermittent!
Glad to hear that you tracked it down and fixed it. Nice detective work.
I am glad you got it figured out and that you posted your findings for the rest of the forum.
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