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Noises from the rear 1987-1993 Mustang Notchback

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what it do everybody:
I have some noises comming out the rear end area in my car
Currently I installed upper and lower tubular control arms with
rubber bushings and i also installed Poly ureathane coil spring
Perch mount I also have welded BBk Gripp series subfram connectors. Know When i enter driveways and the body flexes i get this poping noise in the rear but i cant drive and be under the car
i cant tell if its the subframes or the control arms.
any body have this problom B-4.?????:lit_up
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it could be that your rear wheels are rubbing when you make a turn hitting a slop... check out your tires...
Thanks for the advice bro, however its Probably not the tires. the noise is distinctly metal popping not rubber making contact with metal. when i did my five lug conversion i had to roll the fenders And i added the perch mounts so that gave me more room to play with. but its a poping type of noise.:headscratch:
You might want to check the boxes the control arms mount to, you might have a broken weld and it could be allowing flex to happen.
yupp sounds like the torque boxs, my upper control arm ripped from the chassis. i had to cut open the floor, bend everything back and weld it.

ok fellas it was not the torque boxes they are ok. ffeewwww.
it was the control arms were all loose so i just torqued them all down with a long ratchet wrench.:bigthumbsup
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