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Normal A/F Mixture Rate

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I have a o/r xpipe and i know my cars most likely running rich, whats the normal air fuel ratio for a car with my mods (mods in sig) so i can adjust it using my lap top and predator.
let me know thanks
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carguy1985 said:
is there anyway to read it with my diablo predator and see what it is at? i know i can change it but i dont know how to see what the A/F ratio is at, i wanna use my friends laptop he has a program that can do dyno runs with laptop and he can see codes and airfuel mix but cant change it, how ever i can change it with my predator to lean it or rich it.
Let me knw

Ill be on look out for my a/f mixture i expect its in 11-lower 12s right now.
There is no way to know A/F ratio with Predator. You need a Wideband A/F Ratio sensor, either you buy one or get you car dyno tuned with it.
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Just came back from the track tonight. Since I did my dyno run, I saw taht my A/F ratio is around 12:1 - 11:1 which is rich. The mechanic suggested me to lean out about 5%, but too be safe since I have no A/F ratio sensor, I leaned out 2k-4k by 1.5% and 4k-6K by 3%.

After 10 runs, I couldn't do ANYTHING under 14.0xx, my best trap time was 102.8mph.

After I reseted to original Predator settings and ran again. First run, 13.984, second run, 13.875, then third run 13.873 and my trap speed improved too. My best of the night was 103.273

So I dunno what's happening, maybe my A/F ratio at the dyno was off.

My mods are:
- Mac ProChamber O/R
- Diablosport Predator
- Granatelli Intake Plenum
- Ghetto CAI:tongue
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