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Northern Illinois Meet of 05 Owners

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Hey everyone. A friend of mine who has an 04 GTO (yea I know, LOL) organized a small get together of new 04/05 GTO owners at the local Hooters (Vernon Hills) a few weeks back and we got to talking and think it would be cool to set up a new (04/05) GTO/ new (05) Mustang get together. I know that us Mustang owners can appreciate the GTO, but we like the mustang better. And my friend knows there is alot of resentment on the GTO side, but figures he can find some people who can appreciate both.

Not sure when this would possibly happen, but just trying to gauge interest to see if any local people would be interested. So if you have an 05 Mustang and are in northern illinois, and are interested let me know.
Looking to make this happen most likely a Saturday or Sunday in September at the Hooters in Vernon Hills. If you are interested send me a message to let me know. Need to get some people who can appreciate both cars, but we all know that the Mustang is the way to go :eyepoppin

Here are some photos of his GTO meet at the Hooters
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I live in Aurora and own a Satin Silver 05 GT. I would be interested in joining the fun for the day. Let me know the day and time and I will do my best to make it. Don't forget to mention, who can appreciate the Hooter girls also.
You can count me in.
lol VHS. yeah you got a long drive.

you can count on me in 4-6 months, lol. ok next spring when the weathers nice again.
Just give me a date and time, and I'm there. :)

Well, that would be a few hours drive, but might be worth it.....

Set the date/time and We'll see what happens.......
Ummmmmmmmm Hoooooters......................
I'm in just give us a time and date
Live in the Lake Bluff area and would be up for this let me know the date, time.
Me too.

I'll try and make it as well. I will be in the company of a few friends with Camaros.
Are people from behind the cheddar curtain alowed to attend?? :bouncer
rob2523 said:
Are people from behind the cheddar curtain alowed to attend?? :bouncer
Thats a tough one, LOL
If your in Wisconsin and with to make the trip I don't see why not.

Getting some good response. I will be talking to my friend this week to see if we can lock down a date.

Date for this is going to be Sunday September 18th as of right now.
I will email everyone that replied so far, but to make it easier if you wanted to shoot me an email at [email protected] to let me know your interested for sure.
I will be setting up a mailing list to send out further information
Anyone else out there interested?

Seems like I had a bunch of interest, but as soon as I posted a date everyone disappeared?
If your interested email me at my gmail address listed in the above post
Real good chance Ill take a ride out there. No Mustang, but I really wanna see everyones ride and mods, and meet some of you guys!

And of course some Hooters Girls!
I hope so.
Anyone hear anything about time,place etc. I am still looking forward to it dont let it die!
What the HECK!!!

If it ain't rainin', I'll go too...

The Daver :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:


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