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NOS? what is the safe usage on a 1996 v6

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hey guys I need your advice what is the most amount of nitros I can se on my stock 1996 v6 mustang without bending rods or damage?
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well if u do it right. right plugs. right timing and plenty of fuel i would feel comfortable at 100 i would push it to 150 but i think thats about as far as i would go. u r using a wet kit right?
I was thinking a 100 shot. Be sure to get a good tune, window switch, bottle heater, it right and it will hold up just fine.

What's the condition of the engine right now?
No nitrous is the safest approach.:heha: To truly tune any car to handle Nitrous takes a lot of work and research. If this is a daily driver i would start with less than a 50 shot until you feel comfortable using it. especially if you have never used the go baby go juice before. if you inject nitrous and you are not at wide open throttle you can blow your motor up almost instantly. dissapointed.gif honestly I would recommend you put money into an exhaust, CAI, performance camshaft, or simply purchase a V8 Mustang. If you are serious about running Nitrous, than start with your homework. The internet has every piece of information you could ever want about Nitrous, but expect to spend 100's of hours on research. I myself have spent 40+ hours researching the best approach to running nitrous and the best solution I found was to dump the money into more reliable forms of performance.

Also if you have an automatic i would not recommend it at all. however this is my personal opinion take it for what it is.
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If you really want to upgrade your V6 swap a camshaft from a V6 F150, then get it professionally tuned, then if you really want to go the next step you'll have to upgrade almost your entire engine minus the block to be able to get the most out or your NoS, also getting some upgraded gears in your car is a relatively easy way to really boost your acceleration
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