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Not a kill but funny.

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I was at a stop light and this riced out civic pulls up. He revs his fart can of an exhaust. I looked at him and laughed. I reved and he went from acting like a bad a** to frowning and staring straight ahead not even looking at me. I love my borla exhaust.
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That's awesome! I can't wait to do the same.
well It wasn't a car kill but you sure as hell killed his ego, way to go. :bigthumbsup
Also not a kill, but here goes

A few days ago I was driving around the block listening to the exhaust, windows down, taking it easy. Just then on my left I hear some serious rumble cruise up. A red 03 (I think) cobra just all muscled up and gruntin'. I kinda know how that 'ricer' felt, the COBRA demanded respect - and I gave it. Just when I was like damn, a second (white) same year, same grunt, therefore same respect. Looked like they were huntin' in pairs or something but definately respect to those two cobras.
Haha funny.. and as far as cobra comments go..

on last training excersice that we did, i carried M249 machine gun with 400 rounds !
and once we would get attaqcked or had to defend something opposition force definately heard me, lol when my machine gun was going off instead of M-16s that everyone else had.!
Good one and you hardly wasted any gas.

2.8L KB 720Hp Race gas tune. bassani mids, bassani catted x with SLP exhaust. Imagine this grunt :bigthumbsup. My friends car.
Yea i beat that sounds sweet. Its funny any time i hear an exhaust louder than mine its usually another mustang about 90 percent of the time.
intimidation killz.... starting to see more and more of those in this kill section.
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