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Not Another Exhaust Post!

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Ok I went ahead and installed MAC axlebacks on my 2005 GT this weekend.
INCREDIBLE! The sound of this exhaust reminds me of my old 1970 Mach 1 351C and that had Hooker Super Competition Headers and 4" exhaust.
This afternoon someone asked me if I had removed the mufflers.

Tomorrow everyone sitting in rush hour traffic will get to experience this sound symphony. LOL. :eyepoppin
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I loved mine! Until I took it on the highway... gosh that drone in the low 2000 RPM's and under load... :sosad:
Absolutely. Right around 1800-2000 rpm the sonic wave slices through the interior. It's only in that range however and once you get beyond that, it's not too bad. I will see how long it takes before the honeymoon is over and it starts to become annoying. Then I will probably go the direction you went.

Are you still running the JBA's?
Jupp, they're there to stay... all the rest will be new this week but the JBA's stay! Sound and looks is better than stock with NO drone!

I drive in hilly terrain, CC on at 70 or so MPH... a bit slower due to traffic drone, having to accelerate drone, up hill, and we're talking hills! OMG! I went to stock! And then swapped the MACs for the JBAs with Dave who's a weekend brawler and wanted some more tunes, can't blame him!
I had the MAC's. I loved the deep sound they had but the drone was pretty bad. I have the Loudmouths now and they're awesome. I finally installed my C&L intake I had sitting around and the sound has gotten louder and much better. I've kind of gotten addicted to it. I just ordered a Bassani off-road X-pipe that'll really make her scream. Eventually, I'd like to get some headers.

On a side note, If anyone lives reasonably close to Charlotte, NC, there's a souvenir event going on at Lowes Motor Speedway the day after Thanksgiving. If you buy a ticket to a future race, or $50 in souvenirs, or donate $25 to some charity, you get to drive your car 2 laps around the track. I know I'll be there. I don't care much for NASCAR souvenirs, but I'm gonna buy a ticket to the Coca-Cola 600 next May. I went to my first race last month and it was outstanding. Can't wait to get my car out on that track.
any sound clips of those MACs? I never found their home website so....
yep.....traded my JBAs to KJ for his MACS. i love the MACs. they rattle the house windows on start-up and when i get on it....but i love the sound. and KJ is a week-end brawler. have had my GT since Feb. and only 2800 miles on it. lol

and im buying KJ's Bassani X-pipe and CAI for added sound. :eyepoppin and installing the FRPP shorty headers next spring. What can i say? i love the sound of a loud exhaust.
Hey Tw0scoops123, I will try to get a MAC soundbyte posted soon.
It seems that you can a find a sound sample for every axleback out there except for the MAC.

Oh the website is
Try this sound clip.... It's not Mac but it is one fine muffler. - Click on Sounds, then FORD in drop down menu, then MUSTANG in drop down menu, then choose 2005 Manual or Auto.

This is a really unique sounding system and there is absolutely no popping/tumbling when you back er' down.

I had Mac True Flow's on my 96' with the off-road H pipe, they were great at idle & acceleration but just popped way too much below 2000 on deceleration, mine sounded like gun shots.
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