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Not Another Exhaust Post!

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Ok I went ahead and installed MAC axlebacks on my 2005 GT this weekend.
INCREDIBLE! The sound of this exhaust reminds me of my old 1970 Mach 1 351C and that had Hooker Super Competition Headers and 4" exhaust.
This afternoon someone asked me if I had removed the mufflers.

Tomorrow everyone sitting in rush hour traffic will get to experience this sound symphony. LOL. :eyepoppin
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I had the MAC's. I loved the deep sound they had but the drone was pretty bad. I have the Loudmouths now and they're awesome. I finally installed my C&L intake I had sitting around and the sound has gotten louder and much better. I've kind of gotten addicted to it. I just ordered a Bassani off-road X-pipe that'll really make her scream. Eventually, I'd like to get some headers.

On a side note, If anyone lives reasonably close to Charlotte, NC, there's a souvenir event going on at Lowes Motor Speedway the day after Thanksgiving. If you buy a ticket to a future race, or $50 in souvenirs, or donate $25 to some charity, you get to drive your car 2 laps around the track. I know I'll be there. I don't care much for NASCAR souvenirs, but I'm gonna buy a ticket to the Coca-Cola 600 next May. I went to my first race last month and it was outstanding. Can't wait to get my car out on that track.
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