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Notchback advice

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I've been searching for a nice notchback for a long time... I need some reasurance that i found a great deal, b/c my parents dont belive me... Let me know what you guys think.
Its a 1986 mustang notchback 5.0, 5 speed, 66,000miles, straight body, decent paint, great interior, new cobra r rims, new exhaust, comes with origional 10 hole wheels with new tires as well... $4,500...

Should i say hey i'm 21 and its my money leave me alone, or do i keep looking? I need some outsider opinions....

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If the car is rust free and in good shape then thats a pretty good deal . I would shop around before you just buy one though . I probably looked at 4 or 5 before I got mine . It's up to you . And if it's your money that your using then yeah tell em nicely that your big enough to make a decision .
Maybe keep some quiet mufflers on it, until you're outta their house for good, so they don't think you're hotrodding...:winks
low miles and in good shape is a plus.

but i bought my 94gt 5.0 5spd (w/ drop in k&n and flowmasters) $4800. dont get me wrong i love the foxes. i have a 4 eye (82 hatch) i picked up for $160 with auto and v6. just sayin dont jump right in, later on a better deal might come along and kick u in the butt. look around and if u cant find anything better, go for it. but do try to talk him down some.
good luck!
Yea i hear ya... its not the first one i went to see so i'm not really jumping right into it... i'm just having a hard time finding a notchback locally that i can afford... i tried to talk this guy down a little, he started at 5,000 he wont budge past 4,500...

thanks for the input... maybe i'll wait it out... see if something else comes along... lol the $$$ buring a hole in my pocket though!!!
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