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Hey guys,

Haven't been on in a while, but I'm trying to finish my '65 mustang. I've got an '87 5.0 engine in my '65, a matching Novi 2000 setup for it, a bunch of upgraded parts to go along with it, and I just need a little help finishing it.

I'm using a carb enclosure, and I've modified my carb for blow through. I fabbed a tube to go from the blower to the enclosure, now I just need to figure out the blow off valve. My issue is I've read up on these things and I can't figure out all the jargon out there between blow off valves, waste gates, and the like. I just need help figuring out what I need, and where to put it. I was originally thinking I just needed a blow off valve and tap it into the tube I fabbed, but I keep talking to people about this and I'm a little over my head and don't really know if I'm right or not.

Does anyone with these types of setups have any advice/suggestions they could offer?


-Kevin (1965stang)
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