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Hello everybody and special greeting to all members,
I am Carlos, computer engineer and I have been a car enthusiast since I can remember, I have been working on a physics model to simulate car performance behavior of almost any regular street car that you could imagine, because you design your car yourself, or just look for online specs like weight, wheelbase, and that ones.

The software its fully online, so no installs required, just your browser and you can do all available tests for free.

Included tests are:
Magazine Test: you can test your car like magazines do, some time to speed, time to distance, and you can watch your dashboard live.
Drag Racing: Classic 1/4 mile race, setup your 2 cars and you are ready to go.
Real Dyno: Do you want to know how much HP you got? Try this test
Track Race: Want to race your car at famous Track? Try Top Gear race track with your own car.

I have been into forums for a few years by now and I understand some forums see this kind of post as “give me traffic” posts, I would not like to be tagged as that, so I recorded some youtube videos and include some screenshots to give you an overall project view without visit my page at all.

Here are the youtube videos I am talking about, sorry if my voice is a bit out of sync (technical problems) and English is not my native language, but I did my best.

PART 1: ‪NxGTR Sim first vid 1 of 2‬‏ - YouTube
PART 2: ‪NxGTR Sim first vid 2 of 2‬‏ - YouTube


If after watching the youtube videos you really get a bit interested you can try it by yourself at NxGTR Sim NxGTR SIM

Thank you very much everybody for reading, hope some advanced users could provide a little feedback.
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