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O2 sensor reading 6v bad ecu?

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So my car has been running like carp lately and I think it's because my computer is fried. I started by doing some diagnostics trying to get the o2 sensor readings, the passenger o2 sensor read .3 volts when I probed it and I went to the other o2 sensor and it read around 6 volts with the key on or idling. It is the dark blue lt green wire, PIN number 43 on the computer, I am 100% sure I probed the right one. I unplug the o2 sensor thinking that's the culprit and it still had that same voltage. I figured a wire was crossed, couldn't find a cross or short. So next thing I did is cut the wire at the harness on the computer only a few inches away because I suspected it was the ecu itself. Sure enough the voltage still showed up. The only culprit could be the computer right? I want to make sure I'm onto something before I go and spend money on a new computer. Has this or anything similar happened to anyone else before ?
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