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Occasional trouble getting into reverse

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First, forgive me if this is an ignorant question. My 2006 V6 Pony Package is the first manual transmission car that I've ever owned, so I'm still fairly inexperienced. Since I got the car in September, every now and then (maybe two or three times a week), I have trouble getting the car into reverse. I try to put the shifter there, and it feels like something is blocking it. I usually have to run the shifter through the pattern (first through fifth), and then I can get it to go into reverse. I don't notice any sort of patter (location, weather, inclination/declination, etc.) either. Is this normal, or might there be something wrong? It's starting to get annoying.

Also, I've noticed that the rear window defroster sometimes takes as long as half an hour to clear the back window (just frost/slight ice, no snow). Anyone else have that slow of response with the defroster?

Other than this, I LOVE my car. I've got a picture of it at the Legend Lime Registry site.


David Green
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Haven't had any issues with reverse, but agree that third is an easy miss if you're running fast and not paying attention. Had the same problem on my 93 Cobra. Shorter throw may help.
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