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odd engine behavior

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Took the Stang on it's first interstate weekend getaway this weekend. Ran about 2hours up to Canton GA, north of Atlanta. Overall, The car ran great, cruising at 80-90 in the HOV through town. Scarily enough, i was mostly running with traffic.
I had a strange thing happen twice, however. The first time I was headed up Sat, had been cruising 75-80, and downshifted to 4th to get around a slower car in traffic. After the clutch was fully engaged and I was accelating smoothly, it was like the throttle snapped closed for a split second. Even my wife noticed. I thought maybe the AC kicked on or something, but it was a significant punch, nothing the AC should have done.
Coming home yesterday, I had been running 80 coming through downtown and suddenly had to come to a near stop for a wreck. I got down in 2nd and accelated away from the initial slowdown, and it did the same thing again. Clutch was fully engaged, foot away from the pedal, and accelarting briskly, around 3500 rpm. It was a hard, splitsecond, loss of power. It happened so fast I didn't catch if the tach dropped. It was more significant than a cylinder misfire.

I haven't been able to recreate it, and it hasn't happend before.

Anybody else seen this? I got the distinct impression It might be tied to the ETC?
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I've had the same thing happen to me, or at least I think I have. I noticed, after driving my 05 for a few days after I bought it, it was doing the same thing. I noticed it more when I wasn't stopping on the gas. Right around 3200-3500 rpms, it seems like there is a small tug on the engine, that equates to a loss of power (it feels like the air conditioning cut on). Since I never run the air conditioning in my car, I knew that wasn't it, but it puzzled me. After I put about 1500 miles on the car, I installed the C&L cold air induction kit, with the performance tune that was developed by Alternative Auto Performance, set for 93 octane. I thought that with the new computer reprograme, it would smooth out this little glitche, but it didn't. When I stomp the gas pedal and rip throught the gears, I can't really feel it, but when I am slowly going throught the gears, say in normal driving, I can feel the difference. It's not a huge loss of power, and it only happens for second, but it has concerned me.
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