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OEM Alarm problem

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I have a 1998 V6 mustang converible. It is the GT package without the V8 ordered that way from factory. Recenty the OEM alarm has been going off after locking the car up. anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute or so after I lock it and walk away it just goes off...

any ideas on troubleshooting or what might be the issue?
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Ok, there are 2 schools of thought here.
1. The obvious is go to Ford service department.
and have them reset the factory alarm.
But, that makes you want to ask, "how did this
happen, and will it again?"

Not alot you can do on your own
accept for key in the drivers side door, turn
all the way to the left then to the right to
disarm. This can be pricey each time it happens,
with towing and all that.


2. Get a transponder bypass kit, and remove the
factory fuel injection/noise generating/light flashing
OEM alarm system from the equation. This can run from
25.00 for the key in the box type, to the
keyless transponder type that would not require
a spare key to make it work. Approx 64.00 for this one.

At this point, your trouble with the OEM system
will disapear, but the car is then vulnerable
to car thieves. Get an after market system then to
combat that issue, and add all kinds of features
if you wish.

Anyway, that's the options avail.

Your call. Good luck.
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