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off road pro chamber vs off road h pipe??

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i have an 06 gt with currently bassani axle backs installed. any body out there running off road h pipe or the prochamber with the bassani axle back? which do you think is better? and if you have some sound clips of the two that would be great.:laughlitt :laughlitt
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I'm currently running JBA shorty headers to a Bassani off-road x-pipe to Borla cat-backs. INSANELY LOUD!!!! I'll try to post sound clips ASAP.

P.S I am happy with the off-road x-pipe (they produce more power than the h-pipes), but sometimes it can get a little raspy.
yea one of my friends is running the bassani off road x with the axle backs and his is very loud, but a bit too raspy. im liioking for something a little deeper, but still post that clip if you can.....
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