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Off road X-pipe

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I installed my off road x-pipe 4 days ago, it took about 45 mins, most of that time was modding one of the o2 sensors so it would reach. Real easy install it bolts right up. I got jpr off of e-bay for $195, shipping included. This thing really adds power. It pulls much harder from 2000 rpm. I am getting regular 2nd gear scratches without trying. I am getting alot of vibration, and the pipes are much noisier. The stock mufflers sound sweet, quite abit more aggressive. It took 2 days for my check engine light to come on, but it stays on all the time now. I know i have read, some threads on this. I am just wondering if anyone has any new info? I plan on gettin the c and l cai, with the diablo sport tuner. Does this just turn off the rear o2 sensor, or does it recalibrate it? Thanks:shiny:
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Did you get the CAI and the tuner yet? Diablo will/should help you tune away the CEL, if C&L doesn't do it for you...??

The O2 sensor will still be working, it's an important provider of info to the computer...
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