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Welcome you guys to our own little hangout for the 3.7L V6 Mustang.

As Discussed in the 2011+ V6 Tech Section HERE, this club is where we will manage our group hangouts and determine the events we would like to participate in.

Anyone in the state of Florida with a 2011+ V6 is more than welcome to come out to the meets, participate in drag strip/track days, and suggest ideas for us to do.

We welcome conversation from the V8 guys, but please understand this is our small corner of the universe. With MUCH respect to the 5.0, most car shows/meets/clubs we all attend are dominated by the Coyote engined Mustang.

Because Florida is so expansive, we have decided to try and make each and every outing count. The group will meet every 3-4 months to allow for proper planning, or, meet more frequently in smaller groups at our own discrestion.


Event #1 may be held at Orlando Speedworld in June and ALL members are encouraged to attend. Between total group events, the crew from Miami/West Palm/Boca Raton, can feel free to attend PBIR at anytime. The crew from Clearwater/Sarasota may attend events at BMP at anytime. So on and so forth.

We will all do our best to cycle around at various locations throughout the state to keep things fair in regards to member travel. There is NO obligation to do ANYTHING suggested, but highly encouraged.

Most things will be trial and error for a while, but I will do my best to keep things as orderly as possible. I do not believe that I can get a sticky thread in this part of the forum, so please, make sure to subscribe to this thread and stay tuned for more info.

Again, there is no pressure or obligation to any of this, but if you feel this is something you'd like to be a part of, please make a post of your location and interest level. IE; Cruises, Meets, Drag Strip, Autocross, etc

I look forward to finally meeting you all, putting faces to screenames (and cars), hearing the different exhaust, and finally seeing how versatile the 3.7L V6 is.
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Came up to my car to see a flyer put on my car. Recently got my stang! Just coming on here to say and see whats up.coolbeans.gif
Adicted - Welcome! Most of our activity is on the Facebook page so assuming you are on FB go to that page and request access. Were you in Loxahatchee when you got the flyer? If so, I live around the corner and saw you car on my way home.
Thats whats up, unfortunately I do not have facebook lol. Yea i was in loxahatchee. Had a camaro before but now the stang, youve probably seen the camaro if you live near by. Cool to see the mustang community is big.
Thats whats up, unfortunately I do not have facebook lol. Yea i was in loxahatchee. Had a camaro before but now the stang, youve probably seen the camaro if you live near by. Cool to see the mustang community is big.
Unfortunately, FB is the best way to stay in the loop. I honestly was not on FB but maybe once every couple months before we started this club. If you do not want a personal account just setup one for your car with it's pic as the avatar and a alias name so you can join the page and be notified of meets etc. Also, good modding info floating around on there.

Glad to see that you came to your senses and left the dark side and joined the Stang nation!

BTW - I didn't put that little flower on your wiper, it was there before I put the flyer
Dont get me wrong the darkside was great but its nice to have a stang too. Dont worry I know you didnt. It was my girl that did that. I dont think I would have came on here if that flower was there with the flyer lol.
quick update....

we had our first club track rental about a week ago. what a great success, almost 40 cars came out (about 30 of them 3.7's) to the event and had a blast. lots of people got out on the track for the first time and it was nice to have the track all to ourselves. big thanks again to Orlando Speed World for hosting us.

coming up soon we have a few meets and cruses, its all on the Facebook page under the "events" tab. Then we will get into next year with the NMRA kickoff, plenty of exciting new events, and maybe even another track rental!

Well the club has been hard at work. We recently had private track rental at Orlando Speed Dragway. Check out the video, and find us on Facebook at:

Hope to see you all soon!

Florida Cyclone's @ OSW | Burn Rubber Films x Project Redline - YouTube

281 - 288 of 288 Posts
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