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Ohh looky! Another "newbie"!!

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Hey everyone. Just thought I'd say hey. I've been around Mustangs since 1992 when I bought my first black '85 T-top 5-speed GT from my dad. Its been downhill since. I love these cars and so does my wife and four kids. Hopefully my kids will be mustang addicts too. When they're old enough to drive.

I'm currently in posession of a 1991 lx hatch that is going to be rebuilt from the ground up. I recieved it without alot of pieces. So I'll definatley be looking for items I need. Talk with you guys later!
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Welcome to AFM and good luck with your project.

welcome to AFM, and good luck on the project..:thumbsup
Welcome to the site :drink:

Good luck with the fox
Thanks for the welcome. I'm definately going to need some luck with this project. I have alot of tough decisions to make. But I want this car to be a crown jewel when I'm done.
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