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Oil leak near oil filter 2003 V6 mustang

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I have noticed an oil leak from somewhere above the oil filter. From looking around at various forums, it seems like a common problem would be for the oil filter adapter gasket to go bad in 4.6 L engine. But not many people have complained about this in a v6 3.8l engine. Has this happened to anyone on a v6 ? Also, I cannot find the replacement gasket online for a v6, whereas it's easily available for a 4.6..

Thanks for all the inputs in advance
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Thanks for the replies. The leak is not terrible, I can live with it for now. I will try to get pics posted soon. I don't have a garage and the winter weather is nasty here right now..
I tried to take some pics but it didn't come out great as it was too dark.But it seems like the oil is leaking from where the oil pump meets the engine block. There's no oil above that and the oil is all around the oil pump.
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