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Oil Pan Question

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Im changing out the oil pan gasket and i was wondering if i need to put gasket sealer on the rubber gasket ?:headscratch:
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i usually put on some RTV
not on rubber, only on the cork and paper gaskets

just make sure that you don't overtighten those bolts
no sealer on the gasket.....
Thanks for the help
What do you have to do to take the oil pan off? raise engine? I want to do this sometime to clean the pan . :so
no sealant......I did this several months ago. First drain the oil.... You have to unbolt the motor mounts from the frame.Remove the driveshaft and unbolt the cross member. Afterwards you need to hoist the engine up and forward as much as possible, I suggest having a friend or two over to assist, and unbolt the pan. It is a pain in the butt to wrestle that pan out but you can get it. I had to drop my transmission from the bell housing( I suggest doing this if you have a 5 speed made it so much easier to move the motor around) with an auto you may not have to drop the not sure though. The pan goes back on easier than it comes off and then you just do everything in reverse to install it.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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