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Oil Pressure relief Valve

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I have a 2005 V6, there is a problem with oil pressure, it keeps blowing the oil filter.

My guess is that it is the Oil pressure relief valve.

Does anybody know how i can replace this and where it is located in the engine?

Thank You
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I'm not sure what "blowing the oil filter" means. Most of the filters for these engines have a nasty habit of leaving the old gasket on the engine so if you don't look up there, remove it and clean the mating surface you'll have a nice surprise when you re-start. You have to raise the car and put it on stands to change the oil in order to do it right.

+1 on the 5W-30. These engines have tight tolerances and need the thin oil on start-up in cold temperatures.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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