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Oil Pressure

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Just got it back from the shop and now the oil pressure is reading nonexistant. The oil is full and I tested the gauge by grounding the sensor to the engin block, it moved. Driveing back from the shop and a little around town seemed fine but I'm concerned. Are there any tests I can do besides pulling out the whole oil pump to see what the problem may be?

THanks for any suggestions.
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Not knowing the answer myself, I was curious... I found the following:

Which is about Chryslers, but I think the technique should hold, specifically the following text seemed to be relevant to your problem:

If an oil-pressure gauge tests good but doesn’t move with the engine running, there are two ways to determine if it’s an oil-pressure problem or a bad sending unit. The best, and cleanest, way to test oil pressure is to remove the oil-pressure sending unit and use a mechanical pressure tester. If you don’t have access to one, pull the sending unit and have an assistant turn over the motor with the coil wire disconnected or briefly run the engine. If oil shoots out, the pressure is probably okay and the sending unit is bad. If it just oozes out, you have a serious problem. You can bypass this step and put in a new sending unit, but if it doesn’t fix the problem, get out the paper towels.
Hope this helps!
I'll give it a shot, thanks!
Thanks for your help, the problem is solved! There was some plumbers tape blocking up the sending unit. It all works fine now and only at the cost of about half a quart of oil all over the interior of the hood.

Thanks again.
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