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Ok I need more traction, the problem is...

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I have 17x8" I need everyone who has done this to please fill me in, I want to put 275/40/17 MT ET Street radials (which are 1" shorter and call for a 9" rim) on my 17" rims...If you have done this and had no problems fill me in pls.

the biggest problem with the 235/55/17 is that they are 27" and that is hard to find in a 200 or less treadwear...or a street rdrag radial..245/45/17 are even shorter

the best I've found is a bridgestone potenza 235/55/17 with a 140 tread wear...

Please help me decide or fill me in

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try Nitto NT450 275/50/17

or Bridgestone Potenza RE750 255/50/17

both are about the same diameter as the stock, and will fit the 8 inch rim. The 255's are a bit smaller but really close; the 275's are a bit bigger but within 2%. I don't know where to find the tread-wear numbers. let me know if you do.
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